Construction Professional

Construction Professionals


The about Construction Professionals combined liability package offers an innovative solution for:
  • Construction Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors (Land and Quantity)
  • Design and Construction (Limited appetite – Residential Builders only)
  • Design and Engineering (Limited appetite)

The policy provides the benefits of two broad sections in a single package which has been tailored to the specific needs of the Construction industry. The relevant coverage sections include Professional Indemnity and General Liability, which can be taken as a total package solution or alternatively may be taken on a standalone basis.


    Section 1 – Broadform General & Products Liability
    Limits up to $20,000,000 any one claim or series of claims, and in the aggregate for Products Liability

    Section 2 – Professional Indemnity
    Limits up to $20,000,000 any one claim, plus reinstatement(s)

    Refer to brochure for full outline of coverage highlights


    about Construction Professionals combined liability package has been developed to cater for a wide variety of construction professionals and consultants performing, but not limited to the following:

    • Acoustic Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Management
    • Designers
    • Drafting
    • Energy Consultants
    • Engineering Surveying
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical Contracting
    • Electrical Design
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Expert Witness
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Land Surveying
    • HVAC Engineering
    • Hydraulic Design/Engineering
    • Interior Design
    • Landscape Architecture
      • Marine Engineering
      • Marine Surveying
      • Materials Testing
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Mining Engineering
      • Plumbing Engineering
      • Product Design Engineering
      • Project Co-Ordination
      • Project Management
      • Quantity Surveyors
      • Safety Engineers
      • Structural Engineers
      • Teaching/Lecturing
      • Telecommunication Engineers
      • Town Planning
      • Traffic Engineers
      • Welding Inspectors

  • Design and Construct

    Our Design and Construction underwriting appetite extends to both SME risks as well as larger companiesĀ involved in design & construct or design & engineering contracts.

    Our preferred appetite is limited to residential, commercial building contractors.

    We are able to provide cover on an annual or project specific basis.

    Our maximum limits are:

    • General Liability $50m
    • Professional Indemnity $20m

Why Choose About Underwriting

  • Option to package General Liability with Professional Indemnity to ensure there is no unintended gap in coverage
  • Broad appetite for hard to place activities including Project Managers and Engineers
  • Ability to cater for Contractual Liability, Novated Contracts and Proportionate liability if required
  • Ability to offer Multi-year Run-Off, Fidelity Guarantee, Continuous Cover, Unlimited Retroactive Cover, Costs & Expenses in Addition, Costs Exclusive Excess
  • All policies backed by superior 100% Lloyd’s security
  • Technical and experienced Underwriters who are dedicated to providing exceptional service standards