General and Products Liability

General and Products Liability

Tailored coverage to protect against claims for Personal Injury and Property Damage arising from the business activities, products or services.


    The about Liability policy has been developed to cater for a broad range of occupations, activities & professions.

    The additional coverage sections available include Professional Indemnity, which can be tailored to be taken as a total package or alternatively may be taken on a standalone basis.


    about Underwriting’s specialised products are underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, or where otherwise disclosed. Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, bringing together an outstanding concentration of underwriting expertise and talent. Lloyd’s enjoys strong financial security supported by excellent ratings.

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    Limits up to $20,000,000 any one claim or series of claims, and in the aggregate for Products Liability

    We have access to Lloyd’s and other company markets for any risk outside of the Risk Appetite.


    Insuring Clause

    Covers legal liability in respect of personal injury; property damage; and advertising injury

    Automatic Extensions
    • Supplementary Payments $250,000 sub-limit for legal costs incurred by the insured at a Coronial Inquest, Inquiry, Royal Commission and/or or Government Enquiry
    • Claims Preparation Costs and Expenses $25,000 sublimit for reasonable professional fees and such other costs and expenses incurred for the preparation of any claim
    Optional Extensions Available
    • Indemnity to Contractors is available
    • North America legal liability in respect of personal injury and/or property damage that arises out of any products exported to North America with the insured’s knowledge
    • Contractual Liability can be extended to include liabilities assumed under the contracts specifically designated if required
    • Proportionate Liability coverage is available
    • Waiver of Subrogation is available for designated contracts
    Territorial Limits

    Worldwide except North America


    Arts And Recreation Services Construction Education And Training Services
    Film and Video Production
    Music & Theatre Production
    Services to the Arts
    Asbestos-related removal risks
    Electrical Services
    Security related Systems
    Non-Building Construction
    Plastering, Ceiling, Carpentry Services
    Residential & Commercial
    Road Construction Excavation & Site Preparation
    Tiling & Glazing
    Registered Training Organisations
    Vocational Education
    Electricity, Gas, Water And Waste Services Information Media And Telecommunications Manufacturing
    Electrical Contracting
    Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    Sewerage & Drainage related Activities
    Waste Disposal & Collection
    IT Companies & Consultants
    IT Recruitment and Placement Services
    Telecommunication Services
    Electrical Goods & Equipment Manufacturing
    Mining & Industrial Plant Machinery related Manufacturing
    Non-Food & Non-Clothing related Manufacturing
    Mining Professional, Scientific And Technical Services Transport, Freight And Warehousing
    Mining Contractors
    Plant & Equipment Hire
    Construction Consultants
    Miscellaneous Consultants & Professions
    Real Estate Agents
    Recruitment Consultants
    Various Administrative and Support Services
    Freight Forwarding
    Services to Road Transport

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